2018 was a real breakthrough year, finishing off with an incredible result of 2:25 at the Valencia Marathon. We also managed a podium place at the Geneva 20k, ran 52 minutes at the Great South Run 10 Mile, completed two 100 miles races as well as finishing my first mountain ultra trail event at the Verbier St Bernard!

2019 has started with a bang, by winning the prestigious South Downs Way 50 Mile, running 2:35 at London (with a GoPro!) as well as building the YouTube channel.  I love more than anything creating content to help others get better and believe in what they can achieve. 

I never stop dreaming about what's possible and I am determined to push myself above and beyond to see how far I can go! It’s great to have you on board for the journey!

I first ran at school, finding solace on the cross country course.  It was simply some time to myself a few times a week.  I didn’t run in the athletics team, in fact I’ve never ran for a team in my life, I just enjoyed it and knew that one day I might be good at it. 

So I entered the London marathon ballot around my 18th birthday, got in, and caught the bug.  That day I finished in 4:03, not too bad as I honestly had no idea what I was doing!  Then between the ages of 18 and 31 I ran about 12 marathons, all in the 3:20-4 hour mark, nothing special, but running was only ever for fun during this period.

Then in my early 30’s I had this need to try and get good at something, I couldn’t coast along being average all my life, so set out on a quest to read everything, teach myself, give myself a project to be the very best I could be. 

I've turned my life upside down to pursue my passion for running, achieve my dreams and love helping others exceed their own ambitions.  After 10 years in the corporate world, feeling increasingly unfulfilled.. I took a huge risk, handed in my notice and launched the business.

Now in 2019, we've ran over 60 marathons, set a 2:25 PB.. ran multiple 100 mile races, built a coaching business, launched a Strava club, expanded the YouTube channel, got to travel the world and meet some incredibly inspiring people along the way.  My life has changed beyond all comprehension over the last 2 years and that's all down to running and the support of the community!

Thank you for following the journey, it's great to have you on board!


I'm a vegetarian and try to stick to a plant based diet.  I'm never one to preach, so I always say to whoever asks to do your own research and find what works for you. For me being this way has little to do with running and all to do with animal welfare, but the more I read about the running related benefits it makes so much sense as well.

So what do i eat?

I try and focus my diet around unprocessed plant based foods in their simplest form. I tend to eat lots of pasta, brown rice, oats, beans, lentils, seeds, leafy greens, fruit, avocados, olives, milk and every vegetable under the sun!

Because I run so much, most of my diet is made up of carbohydrates and in the few days leading up to a marathon this will increase to get the body full of glycogen to burn for the race!

I also make a conscious effort to eat and drink when I get back from a run for recovery purposes. Usually just a shake and then a proper meal an hour or so after.