Workouts from 10k Video

As promised here are the workouts I did in the build up to the 32:30 10k.  The run was on 26th December and these were the workouts that featured in the series.

18th Dec
5k Warm Up
5x 1k with a 2 minute walk recovery between reps
5x 200m with a 1 minute walk recovery between reps
9k Cool down

10th Dec
3.2k Warm Up
3x 8 Minutes with a 3 minute jog recovery between reps
3.2k Cool Down

7th December
2k Warm Up
5k Current Marathon Pace
4k Easy Pace
5k Current Marathon Pace
16k Easy Pace

6th December
Goodwood 5k Threshold Effort

26th November
2k Warm Up
5x 1k ON/OFF  ON at 5k pace, OFF recovery jog
5x 200m ON/OFF
2k Warm Down

18th November
Mona Fartlek
2x 90s ON / OFF
4x 60s ON / OFF
4x 30s ON / OFF
4x 15s ON / OFF

12th November
5x 1k ON / OFF
3x 200m ON / OFF

3rd November
1 Mile Warm Up
2x 1k with 2 minute standing recovery
6x 400m with 1 minute standing recovery
2x 1k with 2 minute standing recovery
1 Mile Warm Down

29th October
2k Warm Up
6x 1k (800m at Half Marathon Pace -> 200m FAST)
2 Minutes Walk Recovery
1k Warm Down

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