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Half Marathon Plan Beginner - L1

£000 GBP

About this plan

Welcome to the Beginner Half Marathon Plan!

This plan has been designed for anyone who has run a 5k or 10k in the past and is looking to step up to the half marathon distance for the first time.

Also included in the training plan is:
- a pace chart so you know exactly how fast your runs should be
- a full glossary of terms so you'll always know what to do
- loads of tips each week so you can learn along the way and stay motivated!

Everything you need to complete your first half marathon and have fun doing it! Come back and let me know how you got on, it's great to hear your stories!

Plan Details / Who is this for?

Ideal for anyone targeting a 2:00 to 2:30 finish time.

The first week is 10 miles / 16km.

The biggest week is 22 miles / 35km.

Three runs each week.

The plan has both miles and kilometres.

12 weeks in length with easy to understand, structured training with time set aside for you to implement your own strength training.

Optional Strength Routine Add On

The 'Plan + Strength Routine' option includes the full plan plus 3 integrated "at home" strength routines with warm up and cool down exercises.

Beginner friendly and easy to follow.

No equipment necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the training plans in miles or kilometers?

We have written the training plans in both miles and kms, both of which are included in the PDF file so you can refer to whichever one suits you.

The pace charts are also in miles and km's too.

How will I receive my plan?

You will receive an email with a link to download your plan straight after purchase.

You can also click a link on the checkout success page.

This will download the PDF file to your computer, tablet or phone. 

What format do the training plans come in?

The plans are a downloadable PDF file which you can view on any device or print off.

You will be emailed the link to download your plan.

Please note the plan can only be downloaded a maximum of 5 times. 

I feel I am in between two training plans, which one should I go for?

Each plan gives the number of days of training per week, so we’d advise going for the one which best fits in with your current lifestyle and commitments.

Also consider the number of miles or km's for the first week and peak week and compare that figure to where you are currently.

The best success will come from following a plan that is achievable given your lifestyle and current fitness. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Vikki seldon (GB)
First Ever Half Marathon

Thank you so much for helping me in achieving .....nope exceeding my target time for half marathon.
I'm fairly new to running, gradually increasing from 5km to 10km...the next step was the half, your plan was amazing, clear, achievable and made all the difference for my fitness and pacing. I aimed for 2:30:00 , today completed my first half at 2:10:28.

Greg (GB)
Perfect Plan

I only took up running this year after quitting smoking, so was full of enthusiasm to enter a race. Other than the odd Park Run (not a race) the Conwy Half Marathon (Nov 23) was my first ever race. Although there are lots of good HM plans out there, what makes these plans stand out against the rest is the inclusion of a pace chart defining the range of pace for each type of run. I was able to calibrate my paces from experience and programme the steps of each run into my Garmin. I set myself the target of a 6.50 mins/km pace to complete the race in 2 hours 24. I actually completed the race in 2 hours 16 at a pace of 6.25 mins/km, so feeling pretty chuffed. Particularly as it was the worst weather conditions in its 15 year history, with very strong headwinds on the Great Orme whilst climbing about 100 m elevation. I would definitely recommend any of these plans to anyone. I've bought the L2 In Between plan to maintain my focus for a few weeks, then I will be starting the L2 Marathon plan in January in preparation for the London Marathon

Steve (GB)
Great first plan

IV just completed my first half using this plan, finished the Great North run in 2:12.
Loved the training and the flexibility it offered me with a busy life.
I will be back for the next one

Alan Campbell (GB)
Top Marks

I haven’t started this HM plan yet but I used Ben & Sarah’s beginners marathon plan and got a 30 min PB at London recently, any other HM I’ve done with no real structured plan so I’m confident I’ll get a Half PB with this one too.

K.C. (GB)
Easy to follow plan

A very easy, simple plan to follow which is great. You know exactly what to do for each session with no complicated jargon.

Terry Kobus (ZA)
First half marathon done!

I completed my first half marathon in the beautiful Western Cape South Africa today in 2:10. At age 68 I’m really cuffed. Bens training plan was such a help getting me race ready and fit. Thanks so much

Ja Gundran (PH)
2:30 target of a solo/introvert runner

I followed Ben's beginner plan to get a sub2:30 since I tried to get back in shape after the pandemic. All is going well, but the taper week made my knee have clicking sounds and decided to skip some of my workouts. If I haven't experienced this on my knee, I can confidently say that I will get may target time below 2:20. I would have done it better but decided not to push myself today because of my knee. But today, in my Garmin watch it's 2:26 in the race result it's 2:30. Hoping to recover soon. Thank you Ben for the guidance. I am a solo runner and introvert, and this helped me a lot.

PS. If you have some kind of exercises to improve my knee clicking sounds, please do share it on your YT channel. Thank you!

A.R. (GB)
Beginners half marathon training plan

Even though I've ran marathons and ultra marathons. I'm recovering from cancer so i though I'd start from the beginning again. This is a fantastic plan and i can feel the benefits.

Alex Roe (GB)
Excellent Starter!

Really good starter programme, good for getting me back into it after a 2 year hiatus! Will definitely be getting more plans! Thanks

George Griffiths (GB)
Great Plan

I’m finding this plan works as a great template and gives me space to do what’s best for me. Thank Ben!

Half Marathon Beginner - L1 - Ben Parkes Running
Parkes Running

Half Marathon Plan Beginner - L1

From £000 GBP

Welcome to the Beginner Half Marathon Plan!

(Optional) Add-on: Integrated Strength Training:

Everything you need to get you a half marathon PB and have fun doing it! Come back and let me know how you got on, it's great to hear your stories!


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  • Plan + Strength Routine
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