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    Half Marathon Intermediate - L3

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    Half Marathon Intermediate - L3

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Joe r. (GB)
    Awesome plan!

    Getting into the London Marathon 2023 I decided to up my training I got both the Marathon ready to start in the new year and the Half marathon plan for an even i had pre-booked.

    My aim for the half I had booked was 1:45 (previous PB 1:49) I’ve just completed my half today in 1:36:16 🙌 🙌 and couldn’t be happier with it. Onto London 2023, now with Bens plan aiming for 3:30:00

    Thank you for the plans, truly awesome!

    Mark Revill (GB)
    Perfect plan (so far!)

    Only into week 2 of my HM plan. Gone for the 1:35-1:45 based on the mileage I can squeeze in each week between life and work, hoping to go sub 95...

    This is the first plan that's made sense to me in my couple of years running. Tried one for my last half, and I felt like it was for someone else. Didn't give me a focus, and didn't really seem based on what I was trying to achieve, dropped it after 4 weeks and stuck to my normal week (a couple easy, 1 speed, 1 long).

    Of course, this isn't specifically for me, but like that it's not too regimental, and love that the paces are all laid out and are spot on, relevant to where I'm at fitness wise. Having looked through the phases, it looks like I will build at the right intensity with the right amount of rest for these old bones.

    Time will tell of course come the end of Feb, but I get a feeling this will give me the drive, and enough specific work in and around the pace I want to hold to get that PB DONE! 👍

    Gudmund Hinderaker (NO)
    Great running plan!

    This training plan helped me to improve my PB at Our local half-Marathon (1:38). Varied runs and good tips and instructions on how to do the different runs, what speed to maintain for different training etc. The plan is split in two, with distances and speeds in both miles and km, which is good (miles is useless to us Norwegians). Thanks, Ben!

    Rhys Edwards (GB)
    Such a good plan!

    This plan has helped me alot to achieve my goals in half marathon. A good varied training plan and not too hard on the legs either

    Delighted with this training plan

    Great training plan. Easy to understand, very clear and well laid out. I always use Ben's plans. Well worth it. Love the pace chart to help set specific times for each session depending on your goal pace. Thanks Ben.

    Alejandro Cantarero (ES)
    Effective and Fun

    One of the best HM plan I've ever done, I improve significantly my times, I am sure following this I will do my PB in March.

    David Boocock (GB)
    Solid training plan

    In 2021 I followed Ben's Level 4 HM training plan and it brought me right up to 1:30-1:32 HM level, from 1:45 (at best!) shape 4 months earlier unfortunately I was injured during the race 2/3rds in while feeling strong so I'll not know If I would have hit it but it was all going to plan. 2 years older and many many months of no exercise following numerous injuries and illness, I started running again and I'm dropping to the level 3 plan for a May HM, then back up to the L4 one for The Great North Run Later in the year if all goes well.
    These plans are easy to follow, flexible and I really enjoyed the speed work/hard sessions last time. The L3 one looks just right for where I want to be, giving 10 min leeway on paces so I can find my own level easily.

    Shaun Lee (US)
    Loving it so far!

    Previously trained for a few marathons with the Jack Daniels VDOT program. Although I definitely saw the results, I felt overtrained at times and overwhelmed with the plan. The Ben Parkes half marathon L3 plan is super clear and straightforward. Speed work days are challenging but I always feel great after. Currently on week 2 and looking forward to seeing the hard work pay off at the end of this training block.

    Greg (GB)
    Smashed it!

    First running plan for me. I had no race lined up at the end, but just ran a 1:30:59 TT, on the streets, no support, no water/aid stations. Thanks Ben! Now to pick a plan for Manchester Marathon!!

    Greg (GB)
    5 weeks in

    Only 5 weeks in to the half marathon plan. Went off plan for the first time today because my hometown had a 10km race. Ran a 43:07 which is a huge pb. Cheers Ben! Can’t wait to see what I can do over 21km

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