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    The 24 hours before the race.. here's my timeline.. what is yours?

    Hey Everyone! 

    Thank you all for the positive feedback about the club. I’ve really enjoyed putting it together and hopefully helping as many of you as possible reach your goals for the day.  

    For this weeks Sprint read, I just wanted to give you my 24 hours before the race timeline. So everything I do from the morning before right up to getting to the start line.  

    This is simply the routine I follow.. so let me know what yours is? Do you have any pre-race rituals that you just HAVE to do?! 

    Saturday Morning 

    Breakfast - Usually 2 bagels, toasted, blueberry jam. Pint of water. 

    Run - About 20-30 minutes in the morning. Very easy and relaxed. 

    Gather - Get my checklist out (you can download it here) and tick off everything and put it in my kitbag. 

    Drink - Throughout the day I’ll be sipping on a carbohydrate based drink (something like Maurten 320 or SiS Go Energy). 

    Pin - Attach my number to my vest and timing chip to my shoe. 

    Strategise - Have a final look over all my training and decide on race pace. Usually with some calculators as well. (See the article on predicting race pace). Take time to reflect on how far I’ve come over the last 18 weeks. 

    Lunch 1pm - Usually a pizza.. for me that’s going to have lots of veggies on. This will be my main meal of the day. 

    Walk - Just for 20-30 minutes, relaxed.. find it helps lunch digest. 

    Plan - Double check travel times for the morning. Is public transport all ok? 

    Charge - Get my watch battery up to 100%. Make sure my data screens are set up ok. Elapsed time, Distance, Lap Pace, Average Pace. 

    Cut - toenails! 

    Check - Final look at the weather, do I need to make any kit adjustments? 

    Dinner 6pm - A bowl of pasta.. very plain and some garlic bread. Side salad. Standard size portion. 

    Watch 7pm - Always watch a light hearted comedy film to relax and forget about what’s coming up.

    Read 9pm - Re-read the race instructions. Issues such as bag drop, water stations, double check race start time! 

    Laptop - 9:50pm - Watch Paula Radcliffes World Record 2003 London on YouTube 

    Sleep - 10pm - Try to get to bed early. 

    Sunday Morning 

    Awake 6:30am - Get up and hydrate. Put on race kit and tracksuit. 

    Breakfast 1 - 7am - 2 Bagels, peanut butter, jam.  

    Breakfast 2 - 8am - 1 bagel, peanut butter, jam. 

    Fuel - All morning sipping on carbohydrate drink - Usually about 1.5L between getting up and race start. 

    Gel - 9:30am - Get ready for the race. 

    Race 10:00am - It’s go time! 

    And fingers crossed it’s all come together!! 

    Will be back on Monday with the usual longer article as well as some tips for Edinburgh as well next week. 

    Have a great weekend everyone! 

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