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    Marathon Plan Advanced Plus - L5

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    Marathon Plan Advanced Plus - L5

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Tom Hancock (GB)
    Sub 3 PB!!!

    I've been trying to run sub 3 for a few years. Finally got their at London this year Previously I had been crashing at about 18 miles and tailing off to 3 03 / 3 05 / 3 07.... Repeat, etc.

    This year i was able to stay on pace through to the finish - though the last few miles were still super tough.

    Why did come good this year? Lots of reasons. But following a plan was a major factor. It meant more miles. More focused sessions. Its a tough plan, and I missed the odd run/session. But having it all laid out makes training so much easier.

    Oh and its only 6 quid. So do yourself (and Ben and Sarah) and get on it.

    Jason Guthrie (US)
    Plan worked perfectly!

    I've been running for years but never followed any kind of training plan. Just head out and do whatever I felt like doing on the day. I ran one full marathon about 7 years ago using that approach. I did ok, and ran a 3:22:54 with a major "hit the proverbial wall" issue at mile 24. Struggled my way in the last 2 miles. I missed my goal and did not get my Boston Qualifying time.
    Now, at 44 years old, I set myself the lofty goal of breaking 3 hours and getting that Boston Qualifying time. I knew I was going to need a structured plan to accomplish this. I chose the Advanced Plus plan to get me there. I liked the easy to follow structure of the plan and the build up of the mileage was perfect for me. The pace chart was an invaluable tool also. I always knew where I needed to be for pacing on each run, and definitely kept me from over running those easy days. Followed the plan to the letter, only missing 1 run through the whole 15 weeks.
    I could not be happier with my results! Ran a 2:52:20. Almost 8 min under my goal time, and crushed my BQ time by almost 28 min. Bonus, no hitting "the wall". I felt strong all the way to the end. My fastest 5K was the last one, and my fastest mile was the last one @ 6:09 min/mi.
    Thank you Ben! I will be using this plan again in my training for Boston.

    David Smith (GB)
    Great looking plan

    I have the advanced marathon plan ready to work through it for London marathon in October, I have had a look through and it looks very good and I am looking forward to getting started on it later on in June. I will be interested if it can help me beat last year 2.53.39 and will let you know how I get on

    Mubarak Mubarak Sheikh (GB)
    Got me my sub 3 😃

    I must admit this plan is super easy to follow and it’s very well structured. Those double run days paid off and got the time I wanted at Manchester Marathon. Highly recommended if you’re going for sub 3 and under, Thanks Ben 👍🏻

    Ian Trevitt (GB)
    Perfect Structure to Achieve your goals

    Used this plan to train for my first marathon stepping up from the shorter distances. Excellent plan if a little daunting with the volume of running in it. Great structure of week, excellent workouts and variety. It meant even with the mileage involved each run had purpose and as a result kept my motivation up.
    Due to young family and a busy job i had to restructure the week to suit my time availability, but i still hit most of the running albeit lots of evening runs and only skipped easy runs when time didn't allow. Goal achieved at Yorkshire Marathon when i ran 2:43.
    Time to refocus and break the 2:40 barrier.
    thanks Ben

    Vitor Caldeira (PT)
    It looks promising

    This program is easy to follow and very detailed with the distances and paces we need to follow. It is not an easy program to do and has some very difficult workouts during the week. I think that for those who want to run a fast marathon this is the ideal program.

    Prabin L. (GB)
    First Sub 3 hr Marathon

    Managed to GET IT DONE under 3 hrs for the first time in Manchester using this plan. Found the plan brilliant and easy to follow with lots of variation in training making it engaging throughout. Now onto 5k plan.
    Thanks Ben & Sarah

    Oliver Grady (GB)
    1st Marathon - Training plan worked a treat.

    This was my first attempt at a marathon and the first time decided to follow a training plan for any event. It was brilliant and worked perfectly, taking me to a 2:54. Clear and easy to understand and great value for Money. Thanks!

    Scott wallace
    Training plan

    Just what I need. Super easy to understand and the pacing charts are excellent. At last a plan that I can follow

    Michael milne (GB)
    Advanced Marathon plan plus L5

    I am happy with the plan i have chosen and it looks to be a very comprehensive aid to setting me up to run sub3 at the Marathon i am going to be using it for. Terrific value for money and I am looking forward to starting it in January.

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