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Valencia Shakeout Run details

Valencia Shakeout Run details - Ben Parkes Running

Benjamin Parkes |

Hello Everyone!

Here are all the details for the Valencia Shakeout run.

Date: Saturday 2nd December
Meet Up Location: KM0 at the start of the 5k 
Google Maps https://maps.app.goo.gl/neukDXjdf7dMRiY56
What 3 Words https://w3w.co/monument.owes.stands 
Time: 9:00AM - (We will be there from 8:15AM)
Route: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/d/u/0/viewer?ll=39.473042582068175%2C-0.40231298426410156&z=18&mid=1GH2sgthQ9ouXjabTVx1dDwO2QNku7a4
Distance: 5k / 3 Miles approx
Pace: Everyone is welcome.  Paces will be roughly 5-7:00 per km or 8-11:15 minute miles.

Sarah and myself will get there at 8:15AM for anyone who wants to come down early and chat, get a selfie etc.  Then at 9:00AM the run will start, heading 'down' through the park.

We are meeting up with a local running group who run this route every month on a Saturday morning for an unofficial Parkrun. (there is no official Parkrun in Spain). Thank you very much to John Doherty for the invite to join forces.

No need to register, just turn up and come say hello!

Afterwards we will be finding a cafe to relax in and everyone is welcome to carry on the running chat there.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in Valencia!  Safe travels and all the best with your training and race!