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    WHAT I EAT IN A DAY as a 2:25 MARATHON RUNNER // FAST (running) FOOD!


    What I Eat in a Day Ingredients and Recipes!

    With all of my meals, I try and pack in as many fruits and veggies as I can to make them tasty, filling and nutrient dense!

    Breakfast time!

    A standard breakfast (of many!) for me is muesli with loads of extra toppings. You can use any fruits really, dried fruit, nuts, seeds etc and your milk of choice! Just put everything in a bowl and that’s it!

    Ingredients from the video.


    Chia seeds (1 tbsp)

    Sultanas (handful)

    1 sliced banana

    Almonds (handful)

    Fresh blueberries (handful)

    Koko unsweetened coconut milk drink

    After I let my breakfast go down I headed out for a jog to Millwall Park for my interval session. 7x 1k on 1k off. I took a Maurten gel mid way through the session and then jogged back home afterwards to get some recovery fuel on board!

    Post run/Mid morning snack:

    2x toasts with vegemite

    Post run recovery shake ingredients:

    Water (600ml)

    1 banana

    Frozen mango chunks

    Frozen pineapple chunks

    Frozen blueberries

    Chia seeds (1 tbsp)

    Vanilla protein powder (3 scoops/50g)

    With the shake I just use whatever frozen or fresh fruit we have around the house. The banana gives it a bit of thickness but you could add in some oats, or half an avocado, or some nut butter to bulk it out a bit. A good way to measure it is to fill three quarters of your glass with water (or milk) and then top it up with the other ingredients so you know it will all fit back in once it’s blended!

    Next up was lunch! Now, usually we just have whatever is left over from the night before but there was only one portion of leftover gnocchi so Sarah had that and I made some wraps!

    Mexican wrap ingredients:

    Brown basmati rice (75g uncooked)

    1 avocado

    2x wholemeal wraps

    1 red pepper

    Half a courgette

    Fajita spice mix

    1 tin of mixed beans in spicy tomato sauce

    1 small onion

    Garlic (2 cloves)

    Spinach leaves (handful per wrap)


    This is another great one for packing in the veg and you can put in whatever veg you like or take out anything you don’t!

    Cook the onion and garlic first for a few minutes and then add in the rest of the veg and the spice mix. After that’s cooked for about 10 minutes, add in the beans. Meanwhile get your rice ready. Of course you can use any rice, or any grain for that matter such as couscous or quinoa. 

    We have a rice cooker which we use all the time and is a lifesaver! You just put the water and the rice in it and forget about it. 10 minutes later you will have perfectly cooked fluffy rice! Saves me the faff of cooking rice on the hob which always seems to boil over and also means no more microwave rice pouches! 

    Once everything is cooked through it’s time to assemble! Rice first, then some of the beany veg mix and some avocado and spinach on top. I also had my second one with some hummus but that’s totally optional! Wrap it up and eat! 

    I’m usually not much of a snacker and so after eating lunch quite later (about 3pm) I didn’t eat anything until dinner.

    We were a bit pushed for time for dinner but still wanted to pack a meal full of veg so stir fry it was!

    Stir fry ingredients:

    Lentil noodles

    1 small onion

    Garlic (2 cloves)

    1 pack of Cauldron marinated tofu chunks

    Baby corn

    Baby carrots

    Tenderstem broccoli

    Mange tout

    1 yellow pepper

    Soy sauce

    Garlic powder

    Sweet chilli sauce

    With this one, the pan was on a very high heat, we wanted everything to cook quickly as we were starving! Onions and garlic went in first followed by the thicker of the veggies, so the carrots and the broccoli. Once they had cooked for a few minutes everything else went in. There wasn’t any measuring that went on with the sauces, I just put enough in so it coated everything nicely.

    Again, with meals like this you can add loads of goodness! Mushrooms, pak choi, spring onions, bean sprouts, sugar snap peas, cashews, toasted sesame seeds.. Get creative! Also any noodles will do, we just got these lentil ones to try as we hadn’t had them before and they were nice! 

    Also of course you can marinade and cook your own tofu but we didn’t have time as it takes quite a while to press so these pre-marinated chunks were a good alternative.

    Hope you enjoyed the video.. feel free to contact me if you want any help!

    All the best


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