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5 KM Advanced Plan - L4

£700 GBP

About this plan

Welcome to the Advanced 5k Plan!

I’ve designed this for anyone who has already broken 21 minutes in the 5k and is looking to improve on their time.

There is a pace chart so you know exactly how fast your runs should be.

A full glossary of terms is included so you'll always know what to do.

Loads of tips each week so you can learn along the way and stay motivated!

Everything you need to get you a 5k PB and have fun doing it! Come back and let me know how you got on, it's great to hear your stories!

Plan Details / Who is this for?

I’ve designed this for anyone who has already broken 21 minutes in the 5k and is looking to improve on their time.

Ideal for anyone targeting a 17-20 minute finish time.

The first week is 26 miles / 42km.

The biggest week is 40miles / 64km.

Five to six runs each week.

The plan has both miles and kilometres.

10 weeks in length, with easy to understand structured training with time set aside for you to implement your own strength training.

Optional Strength Routine Add On

The 'Plan + Strength Routine' option includes the full plan plus 3 integrated "at home" strength routines with warm up and cool down exercises.

Beginner friendly and easy to follow.

No equipment necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the training plans in miles or kilometers?

We have written the training plans in both miles and kms, both of which are included in the PDF file so you can refer to whichever one suits you.

The pace charts are also in miles and km's too.

How will I receive my plan?

You will receive an email with a link to download your plan straight after purchase.

You can also click a link on the checkout success page.

This will download the PDF file to your computer, tablet or phone. 

What format do the training plans come in?

The plans are a downloadable PDF file which you can view on any device or print off.

You will be emailed the link to download your plan.

Please note the plan can only be downloaded a maximum of 5 times. 

I feel I am in between two training plans, which one should I go for?

Each plan gives the number of days of training per week, so we’d advise going for the one which best fits in with your current lifestyle and commitments.

Also consider the number of miles or km's for the first week and peak week and compare that figure to where you are currently.

The best success will come from following a plan that is achievable given your lifestyle and current fitness. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Gary Lumley (GB)
5k Training Plan

Easy to follow, fantastic sessions. This is my 5th plan I have bought. PB’s all day

Sean Richards (GB)

Loved this 5K programme. Very well structured with varied sessions and a good amount of goal pace running which really helped me get comfortable at race pace. Ran a 19:20 in March and have just run an 18:25 with a strong headwind (possibly could have gone quicker!) absolutely made up with it and will be purchasing a marathon programme later in the year. Thanks a lot Ben!

Mac (TW)
Great plan

Lays out a program and gets you running faster. I especially like the pace charts. My only complaint is this level is a bit low on mileage.

M. (GB)
2nd plan from Ben

After using one of Ben's Marathon plans, which got me a sub 4 hour on my first Marathon, I have purchased the 5k improver to wedge in before Brighton training block begins. These plans are great value for money and it doesn't matter if you work in miles or kms as these plans cover both.
Very easy to follow with even suggested paces for the various workouts for the time you are aiming for
I thouroughly recommend giving one a try

S.J. (GB)
Just brilliant

I am on my third plan now. I’ve PB’d in 10k, HM and hopefully I will achieve my goal with 5k too. These plans are detailed but easy to follow. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them and it’s given me the focus I needed.

Keep up the great work and thank you :)

Natalia L. (CA)
Finally a sub-20 PB!

Ben Parkes' 5k advanced plan was easy to follow, motivating and totally doable. I really enjoyed the structure each week. After a month of knee injury holding me back at the start of the season, this plan finally got me to a sub-20 minute 5k, a time I had been chasing for so long! Thanks so much!

Robert RM (US)
Well structured

Great program. A few weeks in and really enjoying it. Offers good structure and is balanced throughout the week. The variety in the longer runs is great!

Xander Peel (AU)
Running Program

It’s a great running Program

Tim Watkiss
Great Program

I am enjoying this program and there are lots of great workouts that I have not done before which are helping to develop my speed, confident of a Pb at my next race!

Yunior Ambrocio (US)
Hit my goal sub 20

I really like the plan, I got the L4 5k, L4 half marathon and L4 marathon
Thank you for making running fun, it's much better when there is a plan and something to stick to it

5 KM Advanced - L4 - Ben Parkes Running
Parkes Running

5 KM Advanced Plan - L4

From £700 GBP

Welcome to the Advanced 5k Plan!

I’ve designed this for anyone who has already broken 21 minutes in the 5k and is looking to improve on their time.

(Optional) Add-on: Integrated Strength Training:

Everything you need to get you a 5k PB and have fun doing it! Come back and let me know how you got on, it's great to hear your stories! 


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  • Plan + Strength Routine
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