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    Marathon Plan Beginner - L1

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    Marathon Plan Beginner - L1 - Ben Parkes Running
    Marathon Plan Beginner - L1

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Francisca Mercader (CL)
    Santiago Chile Marathon

    I decided to used this plan for my first marathon because it matched my schedules and times. I was aiming for a 5.30 marathon but I finished in 4.45. I couldn't believe it! This is the perfect plan for someone who's a first marathoner like me. Thank you Ben!

    Kevin Allt (GB)
    Intermediate Marathon plan.

    I purchased the plan based on having a reasonable amount of fitness. I followed the plan to letter missing only 1 session. I set a goal of running my first marathon in 4 hours. I completed Manchester 2024 in 4.05. This plan was key in that achievement. Many Thanks Ben and good look for your future races.

    Rob Murray (GB)
    Great stuff!

    Just completed my second half marathon, and have 18 weeks to my first marathon attempt. I have watched BP's videos on YT for a few months and thought I would give the beginner marathon plan and strength routines a go. Very glad I did!

    I made the mistake with the last half marathon in not having a target time in mind - I was 1 minute from the start gun and didnt have a clue what pace to run as I had neglected to do any real race-pace activity. (Downside to 80/20 and heart rate based training methinks!)

    Very impressed with the structure of the runs and equally importantly the recovery time in this programme. (I'm 51 with knackered knees and degenerative disc disorder so plenty of recovery time is needed!)

    I may tweak the paces a wee bit or go off heart rate for some easy runs but all-in-all great stuff and definitely better than winging it!

    The strength workouts look great - how many of us have fallen into the YT trap of 200+ exercises for runners and trying to do them all? Great quick 20 minute workouts.

    All-in-all Ben, many thanks from an old, knackered but very enthusiastic runner.

    Amelia (GB)

    Thank you so much for making this free plan! I’ve run the London marathon twice and for my third time I've decided to attempt to get a PB of 5:30, so this plan should help me drastically. The plan looks very easy to follow as everything is very in a simple format which is very helpful to someone who finds reading hard! Thank you for helping me try and achieve my goal!

    R.Z. (GB)

    The plan looks very reasonable to me . I will use it to prepare gor London 24 or any other if i font get a place . Its my dream to run s marathon sfter suffering 4?strokes 3 years s go . I wad told i will be a lifelong nursing cade snd 12 later on the day ofmy strokes I ran my first half marathon. Now comes the bigone .I aim for 5:30h ( so quite slow but aiming for rel low heart rate( Maffetone method)) I sm really proud what I jave achieved and hope the plan gets me thete . Final wuestion: the Plan doesnt mention stretching? When should i stretch. After the runs?

    leroy harris (GB)
    Marathon plan - beginner

    Thanks for the free download plan ....I retired a couple of years ago aged 59 and have taken up running again after around a 25yr absence.
    The plan seems great for my needs, in the past 6 months i have done a couple of half marathons and wanted to step up to a full marathon but didn't really know where to start. i have entered the ballot for 2024 London, but will find another marathon if i am unsuccessful, (i have done London in 1994 & 1996, but it didnt go well and i didnt really follow any training plan). This time i want to follow a plan to give myself the best chance of completing in my target time of 4 1/2 hrs.

    Skolian (PL)
    Got my halfmarathon done after knee injury, gotta get the marathon done too!

    Haven't started on the plan yet, but it already looks so promising. Will came back with update on the efficiency of the plan, but now, I can definitely say this plan super easy and convenient to read and navigate.
    Thanks a lot Ben!

    Kate Lloyd (GB)
    Fantastic first marathon plan!

    Signed up to Manchester marathon in November and after being recommended Ben’s plan, I started training in December. Really easy to follow and complete each week. I’m a mum of two and it fit very well into our routine. I aimed for 5 hours and ended up completing the marathon in 4 hours 50. Would definitely use again! Thank you!

    Tom Bishop (CA)
    58 year old fan here!

    I’m getting ready for my first official marathon October 2023 in Prince Edward County. It’s a Boston qualifier so the real deal. I’ve started running longer distances in retirement despite arthritis. I did a marathon last summer on my birthday with the help of my husband and neighbours. So then I knew I could do the distance. I’ve found Ben’s YouTube channel to be very inspirational on my journey, from Vaporfly to gels to running technique. I’m incorporating the beginner plan into my regimen now. “Getting it done”


    N.H. (US)
    Help me set new PR

    Happy with the training plan. Helped me set new 5k PR. Also helped me run longer and injury free.

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