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Marathon Plan Improver - L2

£700 GBP

About this plan

Welcome to the Improver Marathon Plan!

This plan has been designed for anyone who has run a marathon in the past and is looking to improve upon their time.

Also included in the training plan is:
- a pace chart so you know exactly how fast your runs should be
- a full glossary of terms so you'll always know what to do
- loads of tips each week so you can learn along the way and stay motivated!

Everything you need to get you a marathon PB and have fun doing it! Come back and let me know how you got on, it's great to hear your stories!

Plan Details / Who is this for?

Ideal for anyone targeting a 3:45-4:30 finish time.

The first week is 16 miles/26km.

The biggest week is 40 miles/64km.

3-4 runs each week.

The plan has both miles and kilometres.

15 weeks in length with easy to understand, structured training with time set aside for you to implement your own strength training.

Optional Strength Routine Add On

The 'Plan + Strength Routine' option includes the full plan plus 3 integrated "at home" strength routines with warm up and cool down exercises.

Beginner friendly and easy to follow.

No equipment necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the training plans in miles or kilometers?

We have written the training plans in both miles and kms, both of which are included in the PDF file so you can refer to whichever one suits you.

The pace charts are also in miles and km's too.

How will I receive my plan?

You will receive an email with a link to download your plan straight after purchase.

You can also click a link on the checkout success page.

This will download the PDF file to your computer, tablet or phone. 

What format do the training plans come in?

The plans are a downloadable PDF file which you can view on any device or print off.

You will be emailed the link to download your plan.

Please note the plan can only be downloaded a maximum of 5 times. 

I feel I am in between two training plans, which one should I go for?

Each plan gives the number of days of training per week, so we’d advise going for the one which best fits in with your current lifestyle and commitments.

Also consider the number of miles or km's for the first week and peak week and compare that figure to where you are currently.

The best success will come from following a plan that is achievable given your lifestyle and current fitness. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
L.S. (DK)
Super nice plan

Really easy to follow plan, that got me my first marathon. I followed it very rigorously and it was great. Surely there is some getting used to with the many slow KMs, but all plans got those.

I really liked the comments from Sarah and Ben as the weeks progressed and if you're considering the plan, then pick up a cap as well. Seriously the best cap i have tried.

carol mcintosh (GB)
Marathon plan L2 week 1

Very detailed and love all the strength training ideas. Unfortunately I chose the plan that said 4 days as I thought it was 4 days of running but it’s 3 days running and 1 day of strength training.

Martin Kelly (IE)
Getting it done 👍🏻

One week down and loving it, great program with the backup of great YouTube vids.
Thanks Ben & Sarah, truly inspirational 👍🏻.
Now off to #gettingitdone

Thomas (GB)
Great plan and videos, smashed my PB

Just ran the Copennhagen marathon, my second marathon event. This training and race went so much better for me than last time. I liked how it has recovery weeks and gym work incorporated. Ran the race in 3:54, about 50 mins quicker than last time! Loved the plan, thank you Ben!

Nicola Nelson (GB)
Great Plan !

I purchased this Plan with the goal of a sub 4 Marathon having done 2 marathons in both 4hrs 9min previously. I stuck to the plan religiously with only missing 2 sessions in the 15 weeks! I am so pleased to say I got my 3hr 52min time yesterday and not hitting a wall like I had done before. Thanks Ben!

Kerry (GB)
My first marathon!

Having done Race for Life in 2022 I got the running bug. Since then i've done a few races and 3 half marathons without any real training or structure.
I knew a marathon was the next step, and from watching Ben and Sarah on You Tube I knew I needed some more guidance on how to do it properly. Ben's plan sounded ideal, and really affordable! I have been following Marathon Level 2 Improver ahead of Windermere Marathon in May. The plan is so simple to follow, and for the first time I'm actually doing strength work too. I'm learning to enjoy easy runs, and to take them easy.
I'm nervous of the harder weeks to come but also really excited! Let's go!!

Yoshivan Immanuel (ID)
Fantastic plan

Have completed my first marathon using the plan. My expectation was realistic during the race (even 3.59 would make my happy) but was able to clock 3.50. The road was quite tough (lot of hilly routes and brides) and not to mention we were sharing the road with HM runners for the last 12KM.

I am sure I will use another plan for improvement!

Thanks a lot Ben - all the best.

Guille Martin
Incredible and fun plans

Valencia 2023 was my first marathon, after running previous year the half. As I had almost a year to train, I did the Level 1 and then Level 2 of Ben Parkes training plans and they worked great.
I ended up doing 3:42 in the marathon and I felt I could have pushed more, didn't suffer at all because I've put the right training needed thanks to this plans.
Now I've signed up for Valencia 2024 and I've already purchased Level 3 to get started, Let's Get it done :)

J.H. (GB)
Plan looks great

Just downloaded my plan and first impressions are it looks great.

Really simple to follow with a concise glossary.

Pace charts are easy to understand and I love the fact it’s offered in miles and km so no time wasted converting distances.

The weekly notes explain precisely where you are in your training and why you are doing the sessions, giving you confidence in the whole process.

The proof will come next April when I run.

Really looking forward to getting it done.

Alex prineas (AU)
Unreal training plan.

I bought this plan after starting my running journey in September 2022 and finding Ben's channel and loving the content really got me into the running spirit. I have been training in the gym for over 10 years but almost never spent any of that time running so for me it was like starting from scratch. Not long into this journey I felt I needed to challenge myself and set a solid goal for where I wanted to get to and a marathon is a clear and challenging goal and so about 18 weeks out from a local marathon I picked up Ben's L2 plan for a goal to run my first marathon in under 4:30, I was amazed at the structure of this plan and how well it's laid out allowing for the recovery taper at the end. It's so easy to follow I never felt overwhelmed and with the pace chart makes setting up all the workouts ahead of time so easy. On the day I ended up laying down a 4:18:11 with a cold and feeling a bit down but I was stoked with my effort and I had a great time and was able to enjoy the marathon and the vibe and I owe it all to this plan and the training it provided. I can't recommend this highly enough for anyone who plans on doing a marathon I had such a great experience I cant wait for the next marathon to smash that time down some more. Thanks Ben this plan rocks!

Marathon Plan Improver - L2 - Ben Parkes Running
Parkes Running

Marathon Plan Improver - L2

From £700 GBP

 Welcome to the Improver Marathon Plan!

I’ve designed this for anyone who has already run a marathon and looking to improve on their time. 

(Optional) Add-on: Integrated Strength Training:

Everything you need to get you a marathon PB and have fun doing it! Come back and let me know how you got on, it's great to hear your stories!


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