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50k Ultra Plan - L1

£700 GBP
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About this plan

I’ve designed this for anyone running their first 50k who has ideally already run at least a half marathon in the past and is comfortable with running 4-5 times per week.

There is a pace chart so you know exactly how fast your runs should be.

Also included is a full glossary of terms so you'll always know what to do.

Each week there are tips and guidance so you can learn along the way and stay motivated!

Plan Details / Who is this for?

The first week is 20 miles / 32km.

The biggest week is 40 miles / 64km.

Four to five runs each week.

The plan has both miles and kilometres.

15 weeks in length, with easy to understand structured training with time set aside for you to implement your own strength training.

The plan is suited to someone training for their first 50k, or wants to improve on a previous 50k race. Ideally you'll have run at least a half marathon before.

Everything you need to get you across the finish line of your first 50k and have fun doing it! Come back and let me know how you got on, it's great to hear your stories!

Optional Strength Routine Add On

The 'Plan + Strength Routine' option includes the full plan plus 3 integrated "at home" strength routines with warm up and cool down exercises.

Beginner friendly and easy to follow.

No equipment necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the training plans in miles or kilometers?

We have written the training plans in both miles and kms, both of which are included in the PDF file so you can refer to whichever one suits you.

The pace charts are also in miles and km's too.

How will I receive my plan?

You will receive an email with a link to download your plan straight after purchase.

You can also click a link on the checkout success page.

This will download the PDF file to your computer, tablet or phone. 

What format do the training plans come in?

The plans are a downloadable PDF file which you can view on any device or print off.

You will be emailed the link to download your plan.

Please note the plan can only be downloaded a maximum of 5 times. 

I feel I am in between two training plans, which one should I go for?

Each plan gives the number of days of training per week, so we’d advise going for the one which best fits in with your current lifestyle and commitments.

Also consider the number of miles or km's for the first week and peak week and compare that figure to where you are currently.

The best success will come from following a plan that is achievable given your lifestyle and current fitness. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
M. (GB)
First Ultra Marathon

I haven't 'Officially' started the training plan as yet as my first Ultra Marathon is in July, but my partner and I are following certain aspects of the plan and strength circuits to up our fitness level and prepare us for week 1 of the plan.

We have been following Ben and Sarah on Youtube and they have really inspired us to get running again and after doing several half marathons in the past we thought jumping straight to an Ultra Marathon would be a good idea. I know following Ben and Sarah's training plan will get us over the finish line!

Trent (AU)
Solid Plan

I used this plan to complete my first 50k ultra. It prepared me well and even though my race didn’t go to plan it was from the preparation that the plan gave me. This is the second of Ben’s plans I’ve used and would use again.

K.G. (GB)

Currently half way through level 2. I purchased lvl 1 realised I need to level up, as my pal is also doing the ultra he purchased lvl 2 and it is great love the variety or runs and it’s keeping me focused. Would definitely recommend.

Joshua Christy (US)
So far so good!

I'm really enjoying the 50k plan. It's ramping up nicely, and makes the distance feel very achievable even with my hectic schedule. Saves me time and energy that I don't have to be my own coach. Just have to make some modifications for my schedule.

Joe Twinn (GB)

50k Ultra Plan - L1

Daniel Schleicher (ID)
Managed to do 51km and 5030m elevation gain with this plan!

Amazing training plan. Smashed my first Ultra. It was a 60km race with 5500m EG with cut-off of 20 hours. I didn't get to the end but I made it to the last aid station at 51km and 5030 EG. Incredibly proud of myself. Thanks so much Ben and Sarah!! Note to myself - DO NOT SKIP STRENGTH TRAINING

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Veranica Muniz (US)
50k training plan

I'm really love this training plan. This year, I will be running my first 50k, and this plan has really helped a newbie like me to this distance. Thanknyou for helping make this 50k possible.

Rhys Rowlands (AU)
Loving the at home strength training

As a keen gym avoider, I'm loving the 20 minute at home strength training routines. I've found that they are definitely making a difference to my running. The plan is super simple to follow and I like how the weeks are all structured slightly differently. Hoping to smash my 50km in July. Thank you Ben and Sarah 👍🏻

Mark Newton (GB)
Looking forward to putting the plan into action.

60 years old…building a base from 10k and hoping to smash the 50k Tames path in Sept. It’s all in my diary and ready to go.

Sean Smith

50k Ultra Plan - L1

50k Ultra Plan - L1 - Ben Parkes Running
Parkes Running

50k Ultra Plan - L1

From £700 GBP

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